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Sourdough rye bread

Homemade Sourdough rye bread is best for making burgers, sandwiches, French toast, or eating on its own. It is made by mixing bread flour, whole wheat, and rye flour. Rye flour gives this bread a beautiful, moist and crusty structure.

It is named rye sourdough bread because of its deeply browned crust, crisp and sourdough shape.

Big a fan of sourdough rye bread and am in love with my everyday sourdough bread because I can eat this by dipping it in olive oil or by making toasts.

I also like to make a combo of this bread with egg salad, knowing it’s a strange combo but let me tell you that when I make a pile of bread with pickled red onions and crisp lettuce. It gives a great taste and is a joyful moment.


Rye is different from wheat grains and it contains less gluten as compared to wheat. Thus rye does not create gas that traps air pockets.

Rye flour gives a stickier and wetter appearance of dough as compared to all other bread flours and all-purpose flour.

What are the reasons that I use rye flour for making sourdough slices of bread? Rye flour also contributes to the great softness and yummy flavor of the bread.



Bread formation starts with an active starter. But it is necessary to check the starter is ready to make bread or not. But the question is how to check the starter?

It’s very easy just fill a bowl with water and add a drop of dollop into this bowl. If this drop floats it means the starter is ready to use.

Make a sponge by using water, some of the flour, and the main thing the starter. Allow this sponge to rest for 30_60 minutes because in this time gluten start forming a strong network.

Fermentation time varies for dough because it depends on the room temperature and the temperature of the dough.

During fermentation time the dough becomes dense. Fermentation time should be 3 hours. At the end of fermentation, the dough becomes elastic and aerify.

If the dough is cool then it’s needed to maintain the temperature of the dough. To raise the temperature of the dough, place the dough bowl over the bowl that is filled with hot water. It will slowly raise the temperature.

The final proof time can also vary for the dough and size should be doubled at the end of the final proof. But the question is how we know that the dough is ready to bake.

For this purpose we just have to poke the dough if the dough comes back immediately then it means the dough requires more time but if the dough slowly rises it means the dough is ready to bake.

At room temperature, the bread remains fresh for 2_3 days. But for a long time, we can freeze this bread.



1. It is nutritious:

This bread contains a large number of vitamins and other nutrients that are very beneficial for health.

It has a moderate amount of manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, thiamin, niacin, folate, calcium, zinc, and vitamin E.

This bread has a great nutritional value that gives us a healthy life.

2. Good fuel:

It is made from rye flour, bread flour, and whole wheat that are good for the production of healthy bacteria in our gut.

3. less yeast:

There are healthy bacteria present in the sourdough bread that are responsible for the reduction of the yeast population. So this bread reduces the risk of infection.

4. easy to digest:                              

This bread is easy to digest because the bacteria present in bread starts breaking the starches before it reaches to stomach. So our stomach has to do less work to digest this bread.

5. contains good acid:

Lactobacillus bacteria are present in this bread that is responsible for the greater production of lactic acid. Lactic acid cause easier digestion.

If our body has a higher amount of lactic acid it means there is less space for phytic acid which is dangerous for the body.



It’s also called pre-dough is formed a day before baking the bread. There are the following ingredients for making sourdough:

6-gram salt

 270-grams rye flour

60-gram starter

300 ml water

Bread dough;

Ingredients are given as under:

100 percent of sourdough

24 grams honey

7 grams salt

300 grams rye flour

162 ml boiling water


Photo taken in Berlin, Germany

Sourdough is prepared a day before baking.

To prepare the sourdough mix the starter, salt rye flour, and water.

Cover the bowl and place it for 24 hours at 30C temperature.

Now mix the ingredients of bread dough in a bowl. Add rye flour, salt, water, and honey and mix all these ingredients properly. Add sourdough to this mixture that we prepare a day before.

If you think that sourdough is not completely active then you should add some yeast so that yeast raises the dough properly.

Mix all these things by hand and cover the bowl and rest it for 1 an hour. So that the dough becomes double in its size.

Put the dough on a large board and start folding it from top to center, rotate the dough at 90 degrees, and again fold it from top to center.

Place the dough in the bowl and again let it rest for 1 an hour to make its size double.

Preheat the oven to 250C, When one hour is completed transfer the dough to the baking sheet and places it in the oven. Now set the oven at 230C.

Bake the bread for 1 hour. After 1 hour a crusty golden brown bread is ready to eat.


Sourdough rye bread is easy to bake. I always love to use rye flour because it has a unique fruity and complex flavor.

Rye flour causes such a chemical reaction during fermentation that makes the dough fluffier and airier. It is very beneficial because it supports gut health, reduces heart diseases, and is easy to digest.

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