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The Best Crusty Instant Pot Bread Recipe for My Readers

Most people like baking but it is not easy to bake things properly. Now Instant pot bread has solved this problem and everyone can easily bake bread in just a few minutes.

Instant Pot is a brand of electric devices that manufacture multicookers. Pressure cookers generate a temperature that is much higher than the boiling temperature of the water. 

That temperature is attained because of a tight seal that does not allow the steam to escape. These cookers cook food in lesser time as compared to the oven and stovetop.

Someone can never think to bake bread at home and if he does so there must be a thought it must require much time and energy.

Therefore, they prefer market bread but the thing is that it is not crispy as well. I prefer this instant pot because there are a lot of people who are allergic to different things such as gluten.

And the thing for such type of people that are available in the market is very costly. So, it will be very easy and cost-effective for them to bake their bread at home.

There are a lot of people who love to eat fresh and crispy bread, so we can use this fresh bread with a lot of other things, such as with soup, or even with a small layer of butter. 

For such types of lovers, instant pot bread is such a blessing. If bread is not baked well, it isn’t edible.

For obtaining a perfect baked bread it is necessary to knead the dough properly but its time taking and also requires a lot of energy. To overcome this, use instant pot. In an instant pot, there is no need to knead the dough, and also it is a time saver.

The crusty bread requires a suitable and perfect environment, patience, and much time but the instant pot solves this problem as it provides a warm slightly moist, and suitable environment for the fermentation of the dough. The no-knead bread is very tasty and amazing.

The perfect pairing of fresh baked instant pot bread:

All fresh food items appetizers. It is not easy to say no to fresh-baked items such as bread. It becomes more favorite if it is time-saving.

This fresh-baked bread can also in other forms such as:

  • Stews
  • French Toast
  • Sandwiches
  • Soups 

What is No-Knead Bread?

No knead bread

No-Knead Bread is the easiest and simplest bread that can be made at home. just add all the ingredients to the bowl and mix them well in the beater, give some time to yeast to do its work, now bake the material.

Because of the ease of this process, beginners can easily bake this bread. 


Instant pot cookers are very easy to use. These cookers save time and money and have many other benefits that are given as under:

·Instant Pots require less energy

·Consumption of oil is less

·Defrost is not needed

·Less quantity of water is used

·Time for heating is not so much

·It is good for heat efficiency



For the formation of bread in the instant pot, you need a few things like warm water, rapid rise yeast, salt, flour, and olive oil.

All these things are mixed and then this material is transferred to the instant pot. Kneading is not required because this function is already installed in the instant pot.

The instant pot has a button named “yogurt”. When we press that button, it gently warms the mixture. This technique has solved the problem of adjusting the temperature.

It gives perfect temperature to yeast so that it can easily rise and make perfect dough for bread. Usually “yogurt” is set for one hour.

It was very difficult to maintain the temperature for rising the bread dough in winters. But after the invention of the instant pot, it is very easy to maintain temperature.

When the dough is raised it is placed in parchment paper and then transfer again to the instant pot that is set on yogurt setting.

It will again raise the dough that is necessary for the formation of soft and delicious bread. Now, this prepared dough is transferred to the Dutch oven for the baking process.

When the baking process is completed, golden brown bread is prepared with an attractive structure and a yummy taste.


·Flour is needed for dusting plus throne-fourth fourth cups of all-purpose flour

·Two forth spoons (teaspoon) of yeast 

· teaspoon of K salt (kosher salt) and a half cup of water

· Olive oil (four tablespoons)

· For covering we use flaky salt.


  1. First of all mix the ingredients such as kosher salt, all-purpose flour, and instant yeast. The quantity of all-purpose flour should be three and one_fourth.
  2. Now warm the water in microwave about 120f, if the microwave is not available then use the stove on low flame. After this step, add two tablespoons of olive oil with warm water.
    Stir all this mixture until there is no separate flour remaining. The dough must be thick and gummed. 
  3. After this, grease the pot with olive oil and place the dough in this pot. close the top of the pot and open the pressure valve. Select the yogurt setting and set the time of one an hour. When the time will complete the dough becomes double.
  4. After turning off the pressure pot, uncover the lid and move that dough to the baking parchment.
    Here we use parchment paper because it is much better than butter paper.
    There is a very small difference between parchment and butter paper. Now shape this dough as a ball. 
  5. After removing the dough from the pot. Rinse the pot and then dry it properly. Now with the help of parchment paper place that dough gently in the pot.

    Again, tighten the lid and select the yogurt setting for 30 minutes. At the same time place a rack in the Dutch oven. and heat it about 450f 
  6. When the time is completed uncover the pot and check the dough. The dough will be ready at this time. During this, Dutch is also prepared, remove it from the oven and use a potholder to uncover the Dutch oven.

    After doing all these arrangements, move the dough with the help of baking parchment into the Dutch oven.

    Grease the dough with the remaining two tablespoons of olive oil. It will give an amazing shiny look to the bread and also spread the flaky sea salt.
  7. Now for a finishing touch, place for 30 minutes the Dutch oven into the oven and tightly close it. First, the bread turns into light golden brown but for more beautiful representation continue this till the bread becomes golden brown. 
  8. After all this process, cool down the bread for ten minutes. Turn the corners of the baking parchment and move the bread to the rack to completely cool down the bread. 
  9. Use of Instant pot for proofing the dough. Proof dough is a final rise of dough that happens after shaping and just before baking.
    Sometimes the whole process of fermentation of dough is referred to as the proofing process. Instant pot provides a proper time for this process.
    In this step yeast, cells consume carbohydrates and release CO2. Carbon dioxide makes the dough airy, light, and fluffy.
    This step requires a temperature between 70°F to 90°F. Such temperature generates an environment that is very suitable for the yeast to expand.
  10. Yogurt settings in the instant pot help to achieve this process. Yogurt settings generate constant heat and provide an ideal and super stable temperature for the fermentation of the dough.

A few helpful tips for this method of proofing bread dough

Helpful tips for proofing

Splash of oil:

Oil is used to grease the pot before putting the dough in the instant pot. This process prevents the dough from sticking.

 Use of parchment paper:

Some people are more conscious about sticking, they can add parchment paper to a pot and then apply oil. It will avoid sticking. In this way, the dough is easy to remove from the pot.

Follow the recipe:

Read the recipe carefully and follow it. The recipe will tell you how many times the dough is needed to rise. The use of an instant pot reduces the time for proofing of dough.
At room temperature, two hours are required for fermentation while instant pot requires just one hour.

How to check the dough:

The dough is checked by poking with the help of a finger. When the dough is poked and it dimples and slowly rises, it means the dough is good and ready for use but if the dough springs up immediately after poking, it requires more time for rising.


It’s just a one-touch process. Instant pot reduces the manual power and time. It’s an easy way to bake bread at home without any effort. Because it does not require kneading.

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