Health Benefits of Vegan Chocolate

You should never eat too much chocolate, due to it being filled with sugar which everyone knows is bad for your health and body for innumerable reasons. However, if you are going to enjoy chocolate, perhaps the best option would be to try one of the many delicious vegan chocolate varieties.

This is because not only are many of these vegan alternatives super delicious and tasty, and they also can have numerous health benefits, making them far less damaging than your typical dairy-filled chocolate.

Of course, eating a truckload of vegan chocolate is still going to be bad for you as it has a lot of carbs to compensate for the lack of dairy, but it can be less damaging than other options, for a few reasons. Here is a look at some of the health benefits of vegan chocolate.

Rich in Nutrients

Depending on how the chocolate is made, vegan options can be high in nutrients. This is because when the cacao beans used to make a certain type of vegan chocolate are cold-pressed when they’re unroasted, it means that these plant-based foods will keep most of their nutrients.

The nutrients within these types of chocolates include vital vitamin C as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and copper. It is also a decent little source of protein and fiber and is thought to help boost your mood and energy levels.

If the ingredients are rich in ingredients that are said to be filled with antioxidants, they can help you to feel more vibrant, so picking bars rich in nuts and berries is a great idea for that overall boost.

Boosts Brain Function

brain boosting

Vegan chocolate, such as the ones on offer at improves brain function due to how it has a similar effect to caffeine. However, what makes it more effective than coffee, is that its caffeine levels are not as high, meaning that you get your motivation and buzz without the dizzying lows and body shakes.

As well as this, vegan chocolate is also thought to be particularly good at boosting your overall mood, making you more productive and far less stressed.

This is because it is thought that the components within vegan chocolate can increase the levels of serotonin within your body, which is a brain chemical that can help you feel happy and fulfilled. This means that an influx of this emotion can dramatically improve your mood.

Improves Heart Health

Vegan chocolate is great for heart health as it lowers cholesterol and also improves high blood pressure. Eating pure vegan chocolate can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by a whole third, while also reducing the occurrences of strokes.

Do take in mind that more research is needed to understand the full effects of vegan chocolate truly, but it’s believed that the treat has these effects due to its vitamin E and magnesium content, which the former is very good at improving blood flow.

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