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5 Best Food Applications To Organize Your Weekly Menus And Better Plan Your Meals

We bring you a list of 5 best food applications to organize your weekly menus, so you can better plan your meals each day. If one of your purposes for this year has been to take better care of your diet. In addition to keeping track of other nutrition applications and healthy recipes, it will also be important that you organize your menu to avoid unhealthy improvisations.

Food planner

A very complete application for your menu organization. It is in a web version and has a mobile app for Android and iOS, and allows you to create your own daily and weekly plans that you can save and edit whenever you want. All this is stored in the cloud to stay synchronized on your different devices.

It also has nutritional data for when you import recipes from other websites, including the ability to generate shopping lists. These shopping lists can be shared, so if a family member is in the supermarket you can ask them to buy what you need. In addition, you can modify the recipes you find and import them to have your fully personalized cookbook.


The Noodle app is designed to suggest healthy recipes with what you have in the fridge. To do this, it proposes dinners and meals based on healthy recipes so that we can eat better and also reduce food waste. All this in a fully customizable way and with a powerful search system.

If the application is on this list it is because it also allows you to create a weekly menu with which to try to have a healthier lifestyle, also offering the option of creating shopping lists based on that menu so that you always have all the ingredients that you need. You can use it both from its website and in its apps for Android and iOS.


Another application with which to create customizable plans that you can modify based on your tastes or your lifestyle, since not all of us have the same possibilities when it comes to stopping to cook. All this with recipes that you can follow step by step to avoid any kind of complication.

This application suggests simple elaborations and allows you to create a shopping list with everything you need for the whole week so that you always buy only what is necessary. It also has a powerful search engine to find the recipes that interest you most, all of this, remember, with 200 options to personalize your profile and thus receive suggestions according to your tastes and resources.


It offers a tool kit with everything you need to lose weight. On the one hand you have a meal planner , but it is not the only thing you will find, since it also offers you a calorie calculator, diet tips, a database with recipes and diet tips.

The application has a payment method with a monthly subscription, but in exchange, it offers you various types of diets and plans so that you can choose which one is closest to your needs.

Nestlé Kitchen

The Nestlé company also offers an application with two missions. The first is to be a tool with which to make a large number of recipes and menus in Spanish created by them, and the second is to use these recipes to “invite” you to use their products.

In any case, what concerns us is that the application also has a weekly planner in which they suggest nutritionally balanced menu proposals, with breakfast, lunch, cooking, snacks, and dinner. These suggestions are customizable to be able to adapt the menu to your tastes.

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