Unique Coffee Drinks That Taste Delicious in 2021

A New Realm Of Flavor

Coffee today is as diverse as people are. Drip-brews, cold brews, espresso mixes, lattes, frappes, cappuccino, mochaccino, dark brews, light brews, decaffeinated solutions, tea mixes coffee alternatives like Postum—the list of Unique Coffee Drinks goes on. Whatever your unique flavor profile, you can find options to fit your tastes.

In this writing we’re going to go over several unique coffee drinks that you may want to try if you haven’t before. These are especially delicious, fit different flavor profiles, and represent a new approach to coffee you may never have considered.

The Disco Pony

In a nutshell, a “disco pony” is espresso and Perrier sparkling water. You don’t have to use Perrier if there isn’t any available; any old soda water will do.

Basically, you give a little lemon twist over ice to this bubbling espresso drink. It’s got mild but not overpowering tang, the caffeine you need, and a cool refreshing finish.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Unique Coffee Drinks

Bulletproof coffee uses chemistry and biology to maximize the energy-generating capacity of natural caffeine. Essentially, butter, coconut oil, or both are melted into the coffee.

One cup will give you an energy profile similar to that of an entire pot of coffee owing to how your body digests these compounds. You’ll get all-day energy, and you won’t feel hungry either.

Also, there aren’t really any jitters because you’re not overdoing it. Plus, this unique beverage has a delicious taste. You don’t need cream, the butter and/or coconut oil really brings out the flavor.

You can use whatever sort of brew you like, too. Granted, this formula won’t be worth anything but the flavor in a decaffeinated blend, though that flavor is notable.

Essentially, the fatty additives emphasize flavor. A final positive of this drink is that you don’t want to drink more, you’re not hungry, and you have energy; so though it includes increased fatty compounds over a black coffee with no additives, you don’t actually get more rotund as a result.

You don’t want more, you feel full, and you’re full of centered energy—it’s a win-win.

Horchata Espresso

Horchata is a drink that blends rice-milk, sugar, and cinnamon into deliciously sweet convection that’s beyond compare. If you’ve never had it, but you’ve got some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal nearby, fix yourself a small bowl, then drink the milk once you’ve eaten the cereal.

The residue in the bowl tastes almost like horchata; though the legitimate article is better.

When you mix horchata with espresso, it’s downright dreamy. Caffeine rounds out the sugary effect of the horchata, and the coffee flavor cuts the super-sweet flavor profile of this Hispanic delight, making it somehow even more tasty.

The big problem with uncut horchata is that it’s too sweet. It needs to be cut with a little something, and espresso does the job perfectly.

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Israeli Coffee:

Kafe Botz, And Kafe Shachor (Or “Kafe Turki”)
The cooked version of Israeli Coffee is called Kafe Turki or Kafe Shachor. Uncooked variants are called Kafe Botz. You’ll find a lot of cardamom in either kind of coffee.

It’s got to be made with a special preparatory device, a cup of water, a full teaspoon of the coffee you prefer, one to two teaspoons of sugar, and cardamom to fit your taste.

Water is added to the pot, it’s heated, you add the sugar and stir until it’s dissolved, let it boil, take it off the heating source, add the coffee and cardamom, stir fast and thoroughly, return it to wherever the heating source is until things get foamy, and pour it into a small glass.

Be sure the coffee grounds are ground near to powder for best results. To learn more about how to prepare both types, follow the link. That’s the traditional Israeli style, and it’s downright delicious.

Endless Coffee Combinations

Unique Coffee Drinks

Between Israeli coffee, horchata espresso, bulletproof coffee, and the “disco pony”, you’ve got some truly unique options to choose from. So if you’re looking to jazz up how you make your favorite blend of coffee, maybe try a few of the suggestions here and see what fits you.

Also, look into options like Owly Choice, where you’ll find all manner of coffee and coffee-related beverages available. You’ll also find quite a few preparatory recipes as diverse as those who enjoy them. To really find the best coffee preparation methods, you’ve got to use the internet to find things.

In modernity, it is quickly being discovered that old means of coffee preparation only tell part of the story in terms of flavor, and there’s much more to tell. So explore, and find new chapters in deliciousness.

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