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Powerful Pre-Workout Snacks to Energize at the Gym

Working out requires some energy because it is barely possible to perform well on an empty stomach. On the other hand, excess eating will make you sluggish throughout your training session.

Therefore, you have to find a good balance and get a perfect pre-workout snack. However, finding suitable pre-workout snacks can be a daunting task.

The choice of the perfect pre-workout snack is determined by factors such as the trainee’s goals, the intensity of the exercise, the timing of training, and the individual’s tolerance, meaning that some people may not even need to eat anything before training.

What To Eat and When To Eat

pre-workout snacks

Here are some things to weigh before getting into the weight room:

Maximize on carbs

You need to keep away from foods with high fiber and fat content as they could make you sickly because they take longer to digest. As you get closer to your workout time, consider eating carbs.

Research shows that eating carbs close to exercise time enhances performance. Your body needs energy when you’re hitting the gym, and the best source is carbs. Proteins help to prevent muscle breakdown, so strike a good balance.

Proper eating time

Proper timing of eating is paramount. It will help if you consume a well-balanced meal 3-4 hours before your moderate-intensity training. You can then decide on the pre-workout snack, depending on your level of hunger or the intensity of the workout.

The important thing is to time your pre-workout snack well since once you are starting to work hard, the blood is directed to your muscles, leaving very little to the digestive system. As a result, you may have an upset stomach or mess up your performance.

Avoid overeating 

While each person needs a different quantity of food to be satisfied, you should be cautious not to overeat. A good rule of thumb to guide you is to eat a gram of carbs per kilogram in body weight one hour before training.

You should then follow the same pattern in which the grams per kilogram of body weight matches the hours before the workout, for example, 2g if it is 2 hours to exercise.

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Snacking is optional

If you ate a balanced meal a few hours before working out, you might not need a snack. If you are working on losing some pounds, skipping the light meal may be better if you are not hungry.

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Suggested snacks for less than an hour for workouts 

When you have less than 60 minutes until your training, the following are good snacks to eat:

  • Chocolate milk and a banana
  • Peanut butter, honey, and banana with a slice of whole-grain bread
  • Milk and cereal
  • Chocolate milk and a granola bar
  • Oatmeal with milk
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General pre-workout snacks


They are known as nature’s power bars and are super-rich in carbs and potassium, which are necessary for muscle and nerve function. Carbohydrates, which form 90% of a banana’s calories, provide energy to our body and brain.

Dried fruits


If you want a quick fix before the workout, dried fruits like figs, apricots, and pineapples are ideal. They are rich in easily digestible simple carbohydrates.

Fruit and Greek Yogurt 

greek-yogurt snack

Do you want a killer combo? Look no further than fruit and Greek yogurt. Fruits provide quick energy for use as fuel in training, and the protein lasts a bit longer, helping to prevent muscle damage. Therefore, the two form a perfect pair.

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Pre-workout snacks are crucial to provide energy to power you through the training. You ought to eat your light meal 30 minutes before the exercises or else you will feel bloated.

But if you consume a larger meal, allow yourself at least 90 minutes. Some of the best general pre-workout snacks include bananas, dried fruits, and a combo of fruits and Greek yogurt.

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