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The Picnic Must-Haves of Summer 2022

Spending time outdoors is reaching peaks never seen before, and with the summer season just in its infancy, the time to enjoy the weather and outdoors is now. As more people spend increased amounts of time outdoors, the humble picnic has made an honorable comeback.

Being prepared when the weather presents an opportunity to picnic or spend time outdoors with friends and family has never been more important in the last 24 months. Soggy sandwiches and warm fizzy pop are a thing of the past, and while they may bring back some nostalgia of a childhood memory, they are just no longer good enough for this summer’s picnic season.

Whether it is in the backyard or a special park, time spent outdoors has become one of the key ways to create new memories and build relationships. Research has shown that smell and memory are linked together, and smells can often trigger a memory of a long-forgotten event. So, why not try creating some new memories through innovative and creative foods and drinks in your summer picnics this year?

Being Comfortable:

Being Comfortable is key to any picnic. You do not want to start having leave because you are uncomfortable and cannot sit for long periods. This means making sure you have thought about the seating and whether it is more pragmatic to use foldable chairs rather than sitting on the floor. If you are going for a more traditional option, remember to pack a suitable blanket that is waterproof and thick enough to avoid any water coming through from the grass while keeping all occupants comfy.

The Drinks:

The Drinks are just as important as the food, so think carefully about packaging, storing, and ensuring the cold temperature of any drinks you are including in your picnic. There are some great new trending drinks, like alcohol ice pops, that have brought the humble picnic to the new century. Essential to all drinks for a picnic is making sure they are cool, so remember to stock ice blocks and bags the days before the picnic, so you have more than enough to keep adults and children cool.

The Food:

The Food is usually the centerpiece of any picnic and should be carefully considered. Remember that if you are sharing with friends or family that live outside of your household to consider any allergies or meal requirements for those who might not eat gluten or meat.

Plant-based foods are a growing trend, and there are increasing options available for snacks and gourmet sandwiches. Another key trend is fermented and pickled food which has been shown to have several health benefits and is also extremely popular. Whether you can make them at home or buy them from the store, foods such as kimchi, sourdough loaves, or sauerkraut will be a big hit at any picnic.

The ideas mentioned in this article are those aspects of the outdoor lifestyle that you must have if you are to enjoy the picnic to the fullest of your ability.

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