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Joconde Sponge Cake Recipe How To Make it

My first experience with the joconde sponge cake recipe was with you. It was my daughter’s birthday a month ago and we ordered a custom alphabet cake for her.

I did not make the cake myself because I was not feeling well then. So, we decided to go to a nearby bakery. her name starts with N, so it was a really pretty N cake.

But the most surprising thing about the cake was not its shape but rather its taste. It was creamy and the sponge was extremely airy and light.

Even though I am a good baker and I make a cake for myself once a week but that sponge was really something, so naturally, I decided to give a call to the bakery and upon a little inquiry, I learned that they had used Joconde for the cake.

I spent the next 10 days researching it and finally, I made it last week.

Let me tell you, it turned out perfectly. My family and my daughters loved the creamy texture and light taste of the cake. So, all in all, you can say that the cake was a success.

Now that I am free, I thought why not share my findings with all of you and see what kind of sponge cake you guys come up with? Do not forget to share the pictures of your cake on my Instagram.

How to Make a Joconde Sponge Cake Recipe?

Let me clarify one thing first. Joconde is a type of sponge. So you can make a lot of different things with it, you can make a regular cake, or an alphabet cake or swiss rolls with it.

First, I will share the recipe for the Joconde cake with you. Then, we will discuss how can use this sponge to make different amazingly yummy creations.

the best thing about this sponge is that there are very few fats involved in the preparation of this sponge. So you do not need to worry about it being hard on your liver.

  • Preparation time: 12 minutes
  • cooking time: 8 minutes
  • Total time: 20 minutes
  • Serving: 40 servings
  • Nutritious value: sixty kilocalories

Ingredients for Joconde Sponge Cake Recipe:

  • Almond flour 198 grams
  • cake flour 57 grams
  • powdered sugar 170 grams
  • eggs ( five large eggs and six egg whites)
  • sugar 28 grams
  • butter 71 grams melted


First step:

Before starting anything, the first thing that you need to do is to set your oven to the 230-degree Celcius temperature and let it preheat so that it is ready when you need to bake the sponge.

Step 2:

The second step is to prepare all your ingredients. Sift all the flour and dry ingredient according to the quantities I have mentioned above.

Keep the melted butter ready, in short, keep all the ingredients in the exact measured amounts in different bowls.

Step 3:

Now that everything is ready, let’s start. Firstly crack five eggs in a bowl, one by one, and then add them to the flour.

Make sure that you crack them in a separate bowl first and then transfer them to the flour.

This way, there will be no chance of getting an eggshell in the flour.

Also since you are cracking in the separate bowl first if by chance any egg turns out to be spoiled you can identify it and discard it rather than directly putting it in the flour and ruining the whole mixture.

Step 4

You must be wondering what to do with the rest of the six eggs. well, first separate their yolks again do it one by one and then put them in a separate bowl.

Whip them thoroughly and wait for the soft peaks to appear.

While whipping add the sugar to it.

Make sure that you do not whip too much as it can cause the joconde mixture to crumble and then you will not be able to save it.

Step five:

baking powder

Now carefully fold both mixtures into each other.

Make sure that your folding is not too aggressive as it will release the air from the egg-white peaks if you are not folding it gently.

It is time to add that butter to this mixture as well.

Step six:

Everything is ready to roll for the Joconde recipe.

Add this mixture onto a baking tray covered with properly greased parchment paper and bake it for 8 minutes straight.

The final step in making Joconde Cake

After eight minutes, take it out of the oven. Keep it aside for cooling off.

After it gets chilled, sprinkle some sugar on the top and make sure to use plastic wrap to cover it.

Put this covered cake into the fridge for a night.

The next day you will see that the sugar has dissolved and your cake is ready. It will be perfectly airy.

You can use this sponge to make an alphabet cake or swiss roll. No matter how you use it, it will turn out to be delicious.

You can make a chocolate version of this cake as well.

All you need to do is to add fifteen grams of cocoa powder and twenty-five grams of gram flour instead of thirty-five grams of almond flour.

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