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The Thirsty Tourist’s Guide to Milwaukee Breweries

In Milwaukee, the brewing industry has a long history as the home of three of the country’s

most famous beer names, Frederick Miller, Joseph Schlitz, and Frederick Pabst. The city was once regarded as the beer capital of the world, and while cities like Denver and Portland are more well known for their bustling beer scene today, thirsty brew lovers can still find plenty to enjoy here.

Whether you’re visiting or have just moved into one of the Milwaukee houses for sale after closing the deal, this is your guide to some of the top breweries in the city.

Pabst Brewery

The Historic Pabst Brewery deserves the first mention when discussing Milwaukee breweries. When Pabst began operating in 1844, it grew to be one of the nation’s largest brewers until it was ultimately surpassed in 1946.

While it might be smaller in size, it has maintained its blue-ribbon status and serves as an important part of Milwaukee history. Today, while sipping on a pint of Pabst, guests can see the original Blue Ribbon Hall, Captain’s Courtyard, and other restored locations on the famed Pabst Beer History Tour.

Urban Harvest Brewing Co

Located in the Walker’s Point area, Urban Harvest Brewing Company has a relaxed ambiance and rustic vibe. Since its inception in 2016, the brewery has built a reputation for itself with a wide range of quality small-batch brews.

Its trademark beers include 414 Golden Ale (Milwaukee’s area code), CorkScrew IPA, and the Ach Ya Der Hey-Fe Weizen. Visitors can try these, plus a variety of other delicious brews from their rotating tap list, during a weekend tasting or tour.

Eagle Park

Milwaukee Breweries drinks

Eagle Park’s recent success has helped Milwaukee gain some recognition in the craft beer scene. The brewery gained international attention with its trendy milkshake IPAs and fruited sours, but Eagle Park also has a tasty selection of easy-drinking lagers and classic West Coast IPAs.

Visitors to the Eagle Park taproom will be greeted with a fun atmosphere and the opportunity to try unique rotating brews from their tasting room. Some favorites include a chocolate chip pancake-inspired stout, blue raspberry, and lemonade flavored malt, and gose-style sour ale made with blackberry puree and lemon peel.

Lakefront Brewery

Situated along the Milwaukee River in the Brewer’s Hill district, Lakefront Brewery is one of America’s most popular tours with over 80,000 visitors a year. Lakefront has been crafting beers since 1987 and is home to many firsts in the industry: it introduced the first beer with 100% organic, locally sourced ingredients, as well as the very first government-certified gluten-free beer.

It also has some delicious bites if you’re still hungry after the tour, which includes four six-ounce brews. Friday fish fries are iconic in Wisconsin and Lakefront serves some of the best in the city.


guide to Milwaukee Breweries

Milwaukee’s MobCraft Brewery is home to a huge variety of beers to taste in their taproom, along with a delicious food menu, including craft pizza. The fun, spacious atmosphere also has foosball, ping pong, live music, and more.

What’s so unique about MobCraft is its crowdsourcing business model, where they use ideas from the community to create their craft beer recipes. The public casts votes on the suggestions by placing a pre-order, and the winner is brewed and added to the collection. Past winners include the “Benedict Scutterbotch,” butterscotch and root beer flavored stout, and a lemon-meringue pie-inspired IPA.

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