7 Must-Have Cocktails to Devour With Bourbon

Bourbon is a popular drink among whiskey lovers. Its versatility and rich taste make it ideal for any occasion. When combined with various recipes both traditional and modern, you can enjoy an interestingly complex flavor.

You can choose between having it sweetened in a fruit punch or hot and spicy among many other recipes, this drink satisfies every palate. Still, some people like it neat but it doesn’t hurt to try out different cocktails.

Here are some of the delicious cocktails with bourbon drinks that you should try out:

cocktails with bourbon

Southern jam

The southern jam is a combination of raspberry jam, raspberries, bourbon, and lemon juice. This mixture gives the drink a smooth feel and a fruity flavor. Plus, adding raspberry jam over the normal syrup makes the drink more refreshing.

You can have it during summer or any time of the year. Some prefer adding a few ice cubes to make it chilled and tastier.

Whiskey smash

You can never go wrong with a classic taste. This cocktail made a comeback after losing its popularity for several years.

It is now one of the most iconic drinks in today’s world. You will find it in almost every bar. The whiskey smash is an iconic blend of lemon juice, a few drops of simple syrup, and mint leaves, and is also very easy to make.

Once you have assembled all the ingredients, you only need to shake the mixture and pour it into a glass.

The nor’easter

Just like the name suggests, easter’s rich flavors will take you by storm. Its main recipe includes apple brandy, some lime and lemon juice, egg whites for a smooth texture, maple syrup, and Ancho Reyes chili liqueur.

This combination results in a spicy-sweet concoction that will have your body lit up on a chilly day. Also, for better results make sure you use the Four Roses bourbon instead.

Blackberry bourbon sour

Blackberries are known to blend well with most whiskeys. In this case, you can use them to make your favorite whiskey sour cocktail.

Add the berries to a mixture of simple syrup, lemon juice, egg white, and a generous amount of whiskey. This results in a refreshing sweet and sour concoction.

The whiskey sour is delicious enough to have you curl up on the couch reminiscing about all the beautiful adventures you had in the summer. See this link to read more.

Strawberry and maple brown derby

Strawberry works magic in most dishes and drinks and this is also evident in the classic brown derby cocktail.

A mixture of strawberries, maple syrup, grapefruit, and whiskey creates the perfect sweet-sour spring drink. While this drink may feel delicious, the grapefruit juice adds a little bitterness to the mixture and brings it to a balance.

The maple, on the other hand, blends evenly with the berry flavor to create an irresistible pancake-like flavor.

Kentucky mule

Unlike the famous Moscow mule that uses Vodka, the Kentucky mule uses whiskey in place of vodka. The other ingredients include ginger beer and lime juice.

Bourbons reveal a hint of spicy cinnamon, caramel, succulent apple, and charred oak. These complex flavors mixed with ginger beer and an ounce of lime juice foster a light and refreshing drink.

Add some ice cubes on top of the mixture, then sit back and enjoy. Plus, don’t forget to garnish it with a lime wheel to make it look more presentable.


Mint julep

The mint julep is the ideal drink for a hot summer afternoon. Muddled together with mint leaves, this drink provides a cooling sensation to help you survive the heat. It is best taken chilled, so don’t forget to add a generous amount of ice cubes. Click here to see a few more cocktail drinks you can enjoy.


There is nothing not to love about this drink. Whether you enjoy drinking outdoors or in the comfort of your home, you can make these cocktails your everyday drink. Its broad rich flavor makes it stand out among other southern drinks.

So, if you are looking to impress your date with a classy drink, you can never go wrong with these cocktails. Plus, it also goes well with most meals; you can sip it as you enjoy a platter of roasted beef.

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